III. Overcoming hurdles with Macromedia Flash usability tips
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Sound usability tips

Use sound sparingly

The Web is traditionally a silent medium. Whenever you incorporate sound into Macromedia Flash content you might consider letting the user have the option of turning it off before the sound starts playing. When using sound, make sure that its essential to the goal or offer. Remember that many computers in corporate settings do not have the ability to play sounds.

Optimize sound for file size and quality

Sound significantly increases the file size of Macromedia Flash content. Experiment with the sound settings within Macromedia Flash to find the best settings for each sound sample in the Macromedia Flash content.

Provide notice when pre-loading is finished

Multi-tasking on the Web often takes the form of users having multiple browser windows open simultaneously. This means that the user may miss parts of a Macromedia Flash animation because the window with the Macromedia Flash is buried beneath other browser windows. Offer the user the option of having an audio alert play after the content is loaded. A simple beep to alert the user is all that is needed.

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