News Flash, the Log's objective is to share the coolest Flash content on the web with our visitors. Our team of Flazoomers are dedicated Flash Fanatics who are on top of the latest and greatest Flash sites from around the world. Once a new flash site has been identified, we post a blurb about that site to the home page. With an ever growing team of Flazoomers, our home page is quickly becoming the place to find the newest and coolest Flash.
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    A Virtual Library's Bookstore contains the requisite Flash books plus a selection of other books that will help to guide you in the ways of design, web promotion and multimedia. provides reviews of each book plus a link to the order page for you to buy it.
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    Background on, your Portal to the Web's Coolest Flashers , is a web-based e-zine covering issues relating to Flash, Live Motion and SVG content on the web. This site contains news, reviews, books and more to come.

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