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World Internet Animation Competition Winners Announced. announced the winners of the World Internet Animation Competition. The contest, held in conjunction with the annual World Animation Celebration, was open to original animated productions in Shockwave, Flash, QuickTime, Pulse or Windows Media formats. Artists submitted more than 650 entries in ten categories. Here are the winners (when possible links too!):

Grand Prize Winner:

"The Ruth Truth" - Julina Tatlock, Shelia Head, Britton Payne, Sean Lightner, Kit Laybourne

Grand Prize Student Winner:

"Argon" - Peter Peterson

Category 1: Best Animated Commercial

1st: "The Odyssey" - Rob Sharp
2nd: "Sleighmaster 5000 XL" - Edgar Beals

Category 2: Best Animated Graphics

1st: "Symbolman - Boy Meets Girl" - Michael Stinson
2nd: "Romanov - Shadow Split" - Chris Lanier,

Category 3: Best 3D Animation

1st: "Jiggy Bug" - Other, Urban Box Office Network
2nd: "Li'l Green Men" - Dan Tarmy, JINX Studios

Category 4: Best Mixed-Media Animation

1st: "The Ruth Truth" - Julina Tatlock, Shelia Head, Britton Payne, Sean Lightner, Kit Laybourne
2nd: "If Fish Walks, Cows Hop" - David S. Peng

Category 5: Best Interactive Animation

1st: "Compaq Website - Interactive Animation" - Philip Hunt & Neil Churcher
2nd: "cowfighter" - Rob Heasley & Steve Jones

Category 6: Best Animated Comedy/Parody

1st: "Pump-Action" - Phil Captain 3D McNally
2nd: "Miss Muffy and The Muff Mob in 'Lubin' Da Hole Wit 'Sco'" - Josh Kimberg, Nick Cogan, Ryan Edwards & Schani Nuripour, Bullseye Art, Ltd.

Category 7: Best Animated Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

1st: "Joe Paradise - Door Play" - Roque Ballesteros -
2nd: "Speedaction" -Steve Whitehouse, Ed Blocki & Chris Labonte

Category 8: Best Outrageous Animation

1st: "Napster Bad!" - Bob Cesca & Tim Panella
2nd: "The Magic Watch" - Jae-Suk Jo

Category 9: Best Educational Animation

1st: "World Internet News" - Tom Snyder Productions
2nd: "B.E.M.S. Seed the Clouds" - Brian Edenfield

Category 10: Best Animation Intended for Children

1st: "Color Nation" - Kelly John Peterson
2nd: "" - Matthew Strangio, Michelle Baron, Courtney Lane, Chris Tokunaga, Jackie Stewart, Rodney Fuentebella
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