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Challenge: improve usability with Macromedia Flash

Developers are faced with issues of usability every day. Clients have begun to demand that usability is a major factor in the design of interactive content. In addition to clients, users have little time for poor usability and will seek other options before returning to content that has poor usability.

The challenge for developers is to integrate usability into their work. Macromedia Flash can help that integration process by offering many of the features that users want to see on the Web. Faster download time, cross platform/browser compatibility and stability are not the only benefits that Macromedia Flash can deliver. Macromedia Flash can also deliver an improved user experience, when the developer makes the effort to include usability into the development cycle.

Improve your Macromedia Flash with usability today

Macromedia Flash content and usability were once considered opposites. This is no longer true. The journey metaphor puts usability thinking into the Macromedia Flash development cycle. By following the guidelines and tips in this document, Macromedia Flash developers will be on their way to creating dynamic, interactive Macromedia Flash content that is as usable as it is creative.

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