I. Introduction -- Macromedia Flash Usability
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A guide to better Macromedia Flash

Development principles of usability

There are two principles of usability that apply to the development process. These principles are simple and easy to apply.

Usability makes everything easier, except the job of the developer. Usability is not easy. There are no macros to run on Macromedia Flash projects to apply usability. Applying usability requires a change in the development process. It requires a new method of thinking about a project from start to finish.

However, understanding usability makes the job of the developer easier and the end product better. By having a good understanding of usability practices and principles, Macromedia Flash developers will be far more successful at developing user-friendly Macromedia Flash content. This is the primary incentive to read and apply the lessons in this paper to Macromedia Flash projects. In the long run, the developer's Macromedia Flash content will be more usable and applying usability principles to projects will become second nature.

This paper serves as an introduction to usability best practices for Macromedia Flash developers. The paper's goal is to introduce user-focused thinking into the development process and to help improve the usability of Macromedia Flash content in general. By putting the best practices in this paper to use, Macromedia Flash developers can improve the usability of their content.

The best practices set forth in this paper are suggestions to help Macromedia Flash developers on how the Macromedia Flash content should look. They are guidelines on how the Macromedia Flash content should look up to help developers understand usability and how to apply it to Macromedia Flash. Following these suggestions can help developers to create more usable Macromedia Flash content that is interpreted by the user as a better product overall.

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