III. Overcoming hurdles with Macromedia Flash usability tips
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Macromedia Flash and search engine strategies

Like with HTML, it is necessary to add meta tags for search engines, there are unique procedures you should adhere to when developing in Macromedia Flash. The information within Macromedia Flash content is not readily accessible to Web search engines. The following are strategies that developers can employ to index Macromedia Flash content with search engines.

These strategies should be an addition to traditional search engine registration procedures. The creation of meta tags and study of access reports should be the first steps in the registration process. Macromedia Flash developers must take the extra step of ensuring that users looking for their content will be able to find it using their search engine of choice.

Create synopsis pages

Developers should offer a synopsis page that describes the site's content so as to fully to assist search engines in indexing the information that contains Macromedia Flash content. This synopsis should contain descriptive keywords that are unique to the information within the Macromedia Flash content. In effect, the synopsis should summarize the Macromedia Flash content and provide specific data that users may be searching for.

Use indexes, descriptions and keywords

In addition to the synopses, developers should include indices of the Macromedia Flash content, description and keyword meta tags and a link to the Macromedia Flash plug-in. When registering the Macromedia Flash content, submit the URL of the synopsis page to the search engines. The HTML page that hosts the Macromedia Flash content should also have meta tags as well as a text link back to the synopsis page.

Accessibility helps

Macromedia Flash content that has been developed to meet the accessibility guidelines outlined in this white paper and the guidelines at the Macromedia Flash Accessibility site is ready for search engine functionality. Once the developer submits the URL of the transcription, the information within the Macromedia Flash content can be indexed by search engines.

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