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A good web design book does not need to be 600 pages. We've found the best, easy-to-understand web design books for you.

by Robin Williams, John Tollett (Contributor)
Paperback - 287 pages (October 1997) Peachpit Pr
List Price: $29.95 Price: $23.96
You Save: $5.99 (20%)
Review by David Scott
The BEST book of its type in print. This is a superb book. Because the focuss is on design principles, rather than a particular software package or computer platform (Mac vs PC), it is destined to become a timeless classic. The pricing is also extremely reasonable.

Ideal for new designers, I can't help but think that perhaps a few of the so-called "web-design experts" could learn a thing or two form it. Buy it first, before you even consider another book.

by David Siegel
Paperback - 305 pages 2nd edition (October 1997) Hayden Books
List Price: $49.99 Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00 (20%)
Review by Ami Harari
This book written from the point of view of a typography expert, is not for those of you who are at the stage of learning HTML or the use graphic software. But if you want to learn who to turn your site into a something taken out of chromo journal, this is the right book for you. David Siegel provides guidelines for a slick layout and right use of text and images. David uses the term "Third-Generation Site" to describe the current evolutionary stage of sites that are not a random collage of text and graphics but have consistent look, which enables the site owner to deliver information vividly or to sell a product on the web. The book also contains a lot of technical tips that make the finish of dazzling site. No matter what sort of software you use, this book will raise your site one league farther

by Bud E. Smith, Arthur Bebak
Paperback 3rd Bk&cdr edition (March 1998) IDG Books Worldwide
List Price: $24.99 Price: $19.99
You Save: $5.00 (20%)
If you are starting from square one, this is the book! Apart from the excruciating jokes on every other page, this is an excellent book for getting rapidly into the business of learning how to design web pages. It also brings home to you the miracle of the Internet and gives you an appetite to get right into it straight away. I comment it to anybody who knows very little and wants to get started on publishing a web page.

by Rebecca Rohan
Paperback - 300 pages Ap Professional;
List Price: $34.95 Price: $27.96
You Save: $6.99 (20%)
Packed with information I can use. In the first five minutes of thumbing through it, I found two things I'd been trying to find out how to do for a long time and didn't see in my other books. The index was done right, which made it especially easy to go right to what I wanted to know.

Now I'm almost finished reading it from cover to cover. Even in the areas I already know, its seems like there's always something that makes it easier to do what I want. By Mondy morning the pages I am in charge of won't recognize their old master. (The people who come to those pages won't believe it either.)

by Robin Williams, Dave Mark (Contributor), John Tollet (Illustrator)
Paperback - 208 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (February 1997) Peachpit Pr;
List Price: $24.95 Price: $19.96
You Save: $4.99 (20%)
An innovative book/CD-ROM package that offers readers everything they need to take advantage of the Web's potential for creative communication. This kit provides all the tools readers need to get online, connect to the Web, and create their family or group Web pages. Clear, non-technical language and delightful illustrations and clip art will appeal to the growing number of newcomers to the Web.