Cool Books a Great Prices:
Content is king on the web, and creating and finding great content for your site is a never ending task. These books show you how to keep the content fresh and creative.

by Crawford Kilian
Paperback - 224 pages (May 1999) Self Counsel Press
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Great resource - Read it before you start your web page. Crawford Killian's book is packed with tips on how to structure information for a web page - how to format, how to edit for clarity and brevity - how to use navigation cues and hold reader interest. The section on grammar reviews the basics from a web perspective. He also covers persuasion, editing and marketing your writing, and offers lots of links to illustrate good writing.

by Joe Vitale, Joseph G. Vitale
Paperback - 208 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (February 1997) Peachpit Pr;
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Joe Vitale hits the nail on the head! Emotional writing works on the web. This easy to understand book clearly identifies and persuades the reader to use language that will really get someone to contact you, buy your product, or try your service.

Sure, many in the advertising game will disagree with Joe. They'll tell you it's image, image, image that works. Bull! The stuff in Joe's book really works and anyone involved in direct mail, or internet marketing should take the time to read this book with an open mind.

by Marc Millon
Paperback - 192 pages 1 ed edition (1999) Price: $24.95
Overview by the author, Marc Millon (
Empowers the reader to understand and publish on the web. To understand creative content for the web, this book examines how the medium differs from other media. It traces the brief but meteoric history of the World Wide Web, looks at the technologies that drive it and how they impact on content, gives consideration to the web interface and the electronic reader, and considers how the medium impacts on the message.

by Daniel Anderson, Bret Benjamin, Bill Paredes-Holt
Paperback - 320 pages (October 1997) Allyn & Bacon Price: $20.00
From the Back Cover
Key Benefit: There are hundreds of thousands of websites available. More and more people are learning to "post" their writing on the Web and Internet -- some of it is well-written, while much of it is not. Internet communication and "netiquette" is increasingly more important in establishing a credible website. This book will address the proper writing technique for Internet writing. Key Topics: This comprehensive, flexible, and accessible Internet writing guide explores Internet communication with the aim that readers will become better writers in both print-based and electronic formats.Market: Anyone who writes for an electronic medium, especially the Internet and World Wide Web.

by Andrew Bonime, Ken C. Pohlmann (Contributor)
Paperback - 236 pages (December 1997) John Wiley & Sons
List Price: $16.95 Price: $13.56
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Review by Jane Steinberg
It is common knowledge among writers that the new media have opened up all kinds of writing opportunities, many (but not all) of them considerably more lucrative than their print alternatives. Writing for New Media is a basic guide for writers with little knowledge in this field who would like to jump on the bandwidth bandwagon. By book's end, readers will be conversant in applets and assets, drilling down and hot spots. They will have a handy working knowledge of hardware and software. And they will have been reminded so many times of the basics of writing for interactive media--what is depressingly defined here as "designing the perfect data chunk"--that they will never forget. "Keep it short, keep it self-contained, think multimedia, use creative interactivity, think sidebars, [and] integrate footnotes, bibliographies, and supporting material."