Cool Books a Great Prices:
Do you know the basics? HTML poses no problem to you? Here is a list of our favorite advanced web books, ones that you will want at your fingertips when designing and publishing your site.

by Danny Goodman
Paperback - 1073 pages 1 Ed edition (August 1998) O'Reilly & Associates
List Price: $39.95 Price: $31.96
You Save: $7.99 (20%)
This is THE book that I have been searching for! This book is not meant as a tutorial, but if you understand some DHTML, then this is the book you should buy. It has HTML, DOM, JavaScript, and CSS. It also shows which tags and DOM properties are compatible with which browsers (that alone is worth the purchase price.) I have purchased other HTML, JavaScript, and DHTML books and this is by far the BEST and most complete reference.

O'Riley books are the best of the best when it comes to computer books. We here at have at least ten books from this publisher, and their high quality remains constant. Other great O'Riley books that we at love include:

by Tom Negrino, Dori Smith
Paperback - 208 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (February 1997) Peachpit Pr;
List Price: $17.95 Price: $14.36
You Save: $3.59 (20%)
Review by Chris MacGregor
When I am faced with learning a new technology on the web I always try to find a Visual QuickStart Guide on the subject. These books are great for learning. They break the code down into simple, easy to understand chunks. This is the book that got me started with JavaScript and now I charge $100 per hour for my skills!

Other great Visual QuickStart Guides that we at love include:

by Jared M. Spool, et al.
Paperback - 180 pages 1 edition (November 15, 1998) Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Price: $29.95
Although this book will not appeal to anyone studying graphic design, it sure appealed to me. Basically it supported the fact that people don't care about your spinning, flashing, logo in the upper right hand corner. They care about content and usability. I'm a beginning a web page for my office. It will be for information extraction only. This study changes the way I think about user habits and preferences. If you are interested in creating an informative web site you should read this book.

by David Siegel
Paperback - 304 pages (August 1997) Hayden Books
List Price: $49.99 Price: $39.99
You Save: $10.00 (20%)
Pretty good book - something for everyone. The book is broken into two sections. The first section contains case studies. While the case studies are very old (some talk about compatabilty considerations with 1.0 browsers), they are still quite useful and entertaining.

The second section goes into the business side of web development. I've adopted a development process from this book that works really well. But this isn't just for web developers. Sales people can read it, so they understand how a web site can convey value to the customer. Everyone in the development team would benefit from an overview of this section.