Flash 5 Magic

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by David J. Emberton and J. Scott Hamlin (January 1, 2001)
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Review by CHris
The previous version of this book took the world of Flash development by storm. It was THE book to have for the aspiring Flash designer. But, like all magic, the luster wears off after everyone knows the tricks. Flash 5 Magic is an updated version with lots of new content, but it suffers from many of the same flaws. Much of the content is hard to follow unless you are a seasoned Flash developer. Also, the code is not error free, leaving the reader to scratch their head and wonder why. The sample files in this book are better prepared than any other Flash tome (with the exception the the New Masters book) making it a worthwhile purchase. Of course, expect all the other Flash developers to be able to offer the same tricks within a month...
Macromedia Flash 5 Authorised

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by Macromedia Press
352 pages - (December 1, 2000)
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Book Description
Get project-oriented, lesson-based Flash 5 training from the training experts at Macromedia. Macromedia Flash 5 Authorized is the ideal way to learn Flash! Appropriate for both beginners and more experienced Flash Web developers, this book leads readers through a series of manageable, task-oriented lessons, using the practice files from the CD-ROM. By the end of the course, readers will have a thorough understanding of the basics of Flash, and will be able to build Flash projects incorporating sound, interactivity, and engaging animations. More advanced topics, including ActionScripting and video, provide valuable content for more experienced Web developers looking to enhance their Flash skills.

Includes more than 20 hours of hands-on instruction from the training experts at Macromedia. Self-paced, task-oriented lessons ideal for readers who prefer to learn by creating projects, step-by-step. CD-ROM includes practice files, plus a demo version of Flash.

Essential Flash 5 for Web Professionals

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by Lynn Kyle and karen McLean
254 pages - (December 1, 2000)
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Review by CHris
I would not suggest this book for my worst enemy. It is possibly the worst Flash book available. It is useless as a learning tool and as a reference book. A prime candidate for the recycle bin.
New Masters of Flash

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by Lots of people
550 pages Bk & Cd rom edition (October 2000) - Friends of Ed
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Reviewed by: wudaddy
This book shows how various innovative web designers receive their inspirations and demonstrates through tutorials how it was done. Bright pictures, great explainations; I am a big "fan" of Eric Jordan and the first time I saw 2advanced.com, I was blown away. I also have created my own Flash site (not as great as Eric's) but from his inspirations, I have done a pretty fairly good job. Reading what he wrote and learning how it was done was worth the weight of this book! I must have every Flash book in the market and can truely say this is one to have!
Flash 5! Creative Web Animation

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by Derek Franklin, Brooks Patton
Textbook - 488 pages (October 2000) - Peachpit Press
List Price: $39.99
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Reviewed by sushee
I read the first edition, fell in love and got my first contract. This book is another grand slam! I recommend it to all my students. It is not for advanced Flashers. It is the best choice for beginners and is a great reference book. The CD-ROM only is worth every stars. I challenge every beginners to pick up this title and tell me they couldn't create and troubleshoot a Flash site! This book will leave you thirsty for more. You will then be frustrated to realize that there isn't yet a great advanced Flash5 book out there that will match and follow up the quality of this book. If you dont know Flash... buy this one!
How to Do Everything With Flash 5 (How to Do Everything)

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by T. Michael Clark
Paperback - 512 pages (October 2000)
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Book Description
Learn to create interactive, fast-loading Web site interfaces and elements with Flash. This easy-to-follow book explains how to develop compelling Flash movies, dynamic multimedia effects, and animation with this versatile program.
Flash 5.0: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity

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by James L. Mohler
352 pages 1st edition (December 15, 2000)
List Price: $39.95
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Book Description
James Mohler is back. Flash 5: Graphics, Animation & Interactivity gives you everything you need to know to integrate and use Flash on your website. This isn't one of those Flash books with canned projects and way-too-brief descriptions of how things work. This is the real deal, written by one of the country's leading professors, who helps you learn and understand the way Flash works in a straightforward and easy to understand manner. As the book's many fans have noted, it's like "having a teacher right there with you." All of the latest features are covered, with applied exercises to help you integrate what you have read. In addition to complete coverage of the new features, chapters are devoted to preloaders, 3D animation, interactive controls, ActionScript, and FlashScript. This book is the perfect learning tool for anyone who wants to master the awesome power of Flash 5.