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by Phil Piper, et al
Paperback - 450 pages (March 26, 2001) - Friends of Ed
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Dynamic content is one of the big futures of Flash. Flash will become the web-standard way of giving users compelling sound-and-vision experiences when they visit data-rich e-commerce, entertainment, and information sites.

Dynamic content frees web designers from the constraints of static pages, and Flash dynamic content adds life and visual excitement to the dynamic interface. The combination of Flash and dynamic content is the web equivalent of the shift from black and white silent movies to full-color talkies.

Flash & Generator Demystified: Building Advanced Web Applications

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by Phillip Torrone, Chris Wiggins
Peachpit Press - Paperback - 524 pages - 1st edition (June 2001)
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Book Description:
Flash and Generator Demystified, written by leading Flash developers Philip Torrone and Chris Wiggins, familiarizes readers with both Macromedia Generator and Flash, two of the hottest Web technologies in use today. This complete reference teaches Web developers and designers how to use both tools to deliver streamlined, dynamic Web graphics to their site. Readers will learn to work within the Generator development interface, objects and properties; how to work with data sources; how to use Generator in a team environment; and how Generator is used by Flash designers for maximum effect. CD contains demos, tutorials and sample templates.
Generator/Flash Web Development

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by Jason Taylor, et al
New Riders Publishing - Paperback - 350 pages - Bk&Cd-Rom edition (April 13, 2001)
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The core theme of this book will be the workflow process from initial creative inspiration to the production of an entire site. This book will take the reader through every process of the off-line dynamic site development workflow. Each step of development is explained and accompanied by example code and illustrations, including site flowcharts, database creation, Flash template design, and final production. The ideas covered and lessons learned will give designers and developers new tools to produce large, content-heavy sites in a quick turn-around fashion.