Foundation ActionScript

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by Sham Bhangal
Paperback - 500 pages (November 2000) - Friends of Ed
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You Save: $6.00 (20%) Review by hobbes8u
I'm learning Flash and with that comes the anxiety of learning computer coding. Scary business, right? Not now! Actionscript can be pretty intimidating. I know it was for me, but from the moment I opened Foundation Actionscript, I was relieved at how easy it could be. The book reads very well and very simple, teaching the basics and building on that in an efficient manner. This book is a treasure for all Flash-lovers. It makes learning actionscripting a cinch. Before you know it, you're building fun, eye-catching, web pages that you never thought was possible. Don't let actionscript make you feel uncomfortable, ease yourself with Foundation Actionscript.
Flash 5 Actionscript Studio

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by Brendan Dawes, et al
Paperback - 1200 pages (March 26, 2001) - Friends of Ed
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Macromedia Flash has set new standards in web motion graphics. Version 5, due for release in late Summer 2000, will be the next and best version out there, pushing Flash's capabilities even further and demanding a new level of expertise from Flash artists. Data from NPD, the parent company of Media Metrix, reports that over 90% of the Web population, or over 220 million users, can now view Macromedia Flash content. As the Flash audience grows, so it expects higher standards of web design dynamic content, sound and video, interactivity as the norm. Every Flash developer has to be ready to meet that challenge or risk being yesterday's news.
Flash 5 Advanced for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide

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by Russell Chun and Rebecca Gulick
400 pages - (December 15, 2000)
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Review by jbelushi98
For anyone with a good grasp of the basics of flash, this book is an indispensable stepping stone. Beginning with the concepts of building complexity and working with video and 3d, it goes on to dive into ActionScripting. From communicating with other programs to manipulating data, this book leads you throught in the clear and insightful methods common to the visual quickstart series. Unlike many flash books, this is not just a display of other artists' work but rather a well organized and structured learning tool.
Flash 5 Interactivity and Scripting

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by Nigel Chapman
John Wiley & Sons - Paperback - 256 pages - (March 15, 2001)
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What Web developers need to know about using Flash's interactivity and scripting features. Flash, one of the most popular Web technologies, is often used to build reliable dynamic, graphically rich front-ends to Web-based services and e-commerce applications. This book provides Web application developers with a complete introduction to the interactivity and the client/server interaction features provided by Flash 4. Nigel Chapman, author of Digital Multimedia and Perl: The Programmer's Companion, explains all topics at an intermediate/advanced level, incorporating ample e-commerce applications and substantial working examples. Coverage includes Flash 4 animation concepts, an introduction to interactivity, scripting, interface elements, client/server interaction, Flash 4 generator, and a discussion of Flash and other technologies.
Flash ActionScript f/x and Design

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by Bill Sanders
360 pages Book+CD edition (November 5, 2000) - The Coriolis Group
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Reviewed by: lozboston
This book presents a comprehensive overview of Flash 5 actionscripting. The author uses language that is easy to follow (great for the non-developer types like me) and keeps each lesson interesting. I would recommend this book to anyone new to actionscripting, looking to sharpen their actionscripting skills, or making the transition from Flash 4 to Flash 5.
Macromedia Flash 5 ActionScript for Fun and Games

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by Gary Rosenzweig
Que - Paperback - 350 pages (April 2001)
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No description available.
Drag, Slide, Fade: Flash ActionScript for Designers

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by Brendan Dawes
New Riders - Paperback - 352 pages (June 2001)
List Price: $45.00 Price: $36.00
You Save: $9.00 (20%) Book Description:
A visual approach to explaining and exploring the power of ActionScript for those who design with it. Organized according to differing creative areas, each basic type of project is deconstructed, with components broken down and ActionScript code explained; variations are then suggested. Four-color, with lots of visuals and annotated code.
Advanced Flash 5, ActionScript in Action

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by Dan Livingston
Prentice Hall - Paperback - 250 pages (May 2001)
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No description available.
Flash Actionscript for Dummies

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by Doug Shalin
Hungry Minds, Inc - (May 2001)
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No description available.